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Danger sign with people past it.

How People Justify Viewing Child Pornography (and why I don’t)

Note: This article is the first in a six-part series on child pornography and artificial child pornography, aka drawings, stories, etc. This series covers: The morality of child pornography (this post). The morality of artificial child pornography. To the best of our data, what effect do both of those have on offending? A story from … Continue reading How People Justify Viewing Child Pornography (and why I don’t)

A Comment on the Times

Given the turmoil here in the US with the death of George Floyd, with all the riots and protests, I cannot imagine staying quiet. And yet, I cannot imagine what I could possibly post that would help. How could anything I say be useful in this national dialogue? Who’d even want to listen to me? … Continue reading A Comment on the Times

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