A blog about living with pedophilia. For people trying to figure out how to live morally and for the curious to learn more.

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Star Trek, Me, and Pedophilia

It’s time I came out of the closet about something. I… am a nerd. Yes, that’s right, I am part of that discriminated-against minority. I love math and science, I enjoy puzzles, and yes, I enjoy science fiction—including, especially, Star Trek. I’m not just a nerd; I’m a Trekkie. Ahem, pardon my fun there. Although … Continue reading Star Trek, Me, and Pedophilia

Let’s Talk About Disgust

Trigger warning: Discussion of sex between adults and children, and some of the qualities I find attractive in children. Disgust has been a common theme on this blog. For example, when I first introduced the idea of artificial child pornography, I wrote about it: All this same material exists, but focused on children. No real … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Disgust

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